SKGA Games is an indie game company started by Suzuki Kaioh in 2017. The company's debut game is a RPG title called "SKGA-Gaiden" Totally designed and created by Suzuki Kaioh in mid 2017. What makes SKGA Gaiden stand out amongst a sea of similarly patterned medieval sword and shield based dragon-slaying RPGs is its unique characters, settings and enemies. Set in the year 2054 as advanced  technology clashes with traditionalist methods of life and classes divide. You are from a city called "Saga City"  neighboring "Gant City" and the "ZBS Merchant District"  in the up and coming metropolitan living area known as "Palta" As the protagonist in the game Suzuki Kaioh is out on a quest to restore the Boom Bap genre of Hip Hop to existence after an Alien threat used wicked technology to wipe all digital data and human memory existence of Boom Bap from the earth. As a descendant of Boom Bap Grandmaster Suzuki Raoh, Kaioh stumbles upon his grandfathers writings and immediately the information he discovers begins to counter the affects of the alien mind wipe that Kaioh doesn't even realize he had became a victim of. He begins to realize somethings not right with the current state of music. He then later finds sections of his grandfathers writings about a mysterious alien race known as the Hatyrons who first encountered earthlings and BoomBap when Suzuki Raoh was a young adult. Raoh witnessed the death of his close friend Threepac, when the Hatyrons tried to hijack his body and take over his mind and use him as a vessel to canvas the planet for resources like 1000's of people already had been. Threepac was a grand-master at BoomBap so the natural waves his brain emitted scrambled the Hatyrons neurological systems until both their minds overloaded and they both died. Upon his death the Hatyron had enough strength to use Threepacs body to warn Raoh of the upcoming invasion. Seconds later Threepacs head exploded, amongst the commotion and noise the Police ran up on the scene and Raoh escaped as he now became the main suspect in Threepacs death. Never to be seen again, all you have is your grandfathers writings as your guide to figure out how to locate and destroy the Hatyron threat before it all pops off. Accompanying you on your quest is your Uncle Reno Murray, childhood friend Eric H and the mysterious martial artist slash emcee known as Odell Lancaster aka the Wild Bastard. Oddly enough the lifeforms the Hatryons were easily able to body snatch were people like Crooked Cops, Redneck Drunks, Clueless Hipsters, KKK Morons,  Various Land and Sea beasts like Sharks and Snakes, Various advanced Military Robotics using Hi Tech A.I.  Not to mention the humans who willfully joined the Hatyrons cause after being herded by Hatyrons who body-snatched Cult Leaders and Celebrity icons to push their cause similar to Scientology etc.  Weed your way thru these threats to find the Leader of their Alien army and send them back to where they came from and restore Boom Bap Hip Hop to its rightful status on earth. Let traditional weapons from Japanese swords and Martial arts alongside more technological weaponry like Machine Guns and Rocket Launchers guide your way. And lets not forget the New Age magic abilities introduced by the Hadron Collider experiments as your Sorcery aide in slaying down all the Hatyron body-snatched possessed villains and Corrupted Robotic Defense systems.
Only you can save Boom Bap Hip Hop. Rise and become the Heroes your destinies foretold.


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